May 21, 2020

Both have Norton Secure VPN installed on same version ( If I start Norton Secure VPN (NSV) on my laptop it will connect to the service but then the wireless network icon in the system tray switches from connected to disconnected, causing NSV to disconnect. Sonicwall NetExtender keeps randomly disconnecting for Jan 17, 2019 VPN disconnects when iPhone goes into aut… - Apple Community Dec 17, 2010

Aug 03, 2017

May 16, 2016 Frequent VPN disconnects and slow down with FortiClient

Why is My VPN Always Disconnecting? How to Fix - Speedify

Bitdefender VPN is designed to protect your personal data, hide your IP address while connected to unsecured wireless networks, and access restricted content in certain countries. To avoid an unnecessary battery consumption of your device, we recommend you to use the VPN only when you need it, and disconnect when offline. 8. Connect and Disconnect the Mobile VPN Client Manually Disconnect the Mobile VPN Client. On the Mobile VPN Monitor dialog box, click to disconnect. To connect, disconnect, or select the connection profile, you can also right-click the Mobile VPN icon in the Windows system tray or click the Mobile VPN icon in the macOS menu bar. See Also. About the IPSec Mobile VPN Client Troubleshoot Unstable VPN | DrayTek