Jan 07, 2020

Best MacBook for 2020: MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro - CNET If you need a MacBook for everyday schoolwork, web surfing, movies and light creativity, go with the MacBook Air. Specifically the $1,099 Core i5 version. For most people, this is a good default List of Best FREE Apps for macOS [Macbook Air & Pro] Apr 17, 2018

All of these apps have Linux versions and they just work as good as on Mac OSX. LibreOffice is an exception because MS Office does not support Linux and, yes, MS Office and iWork are much better than LibreOffice. But LibreOffice is much more stable today, and since I don’t make documents every day, I feel it is good enough for me.

12 Cool Touch Bar Apps for the New MacBook Pro | Beebom Jan 02, 2017

Mar 26, 2020

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