Amazon Web Services (AWS) publishes its current IP address ranges in JSON format. To view the current ranges, download the .json file. To maintain history, save successive versions of the .json file on your system. To determine whether there have been changes since the last time that you saved the file, check the publication time in the current file and compare it to the publication time in

Azure App Service access restrictions - Azure App Service To set an IP address based rule, select a type of IPv4 or IPv6. IP Address notation must be specified in CIDR notation for both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. To specify an exact address, you can use something like where the first four octets represent your IP address and /32 is the mask. The IPv4 CIDR notation for all addresses is Download Windows Notification Service (WNS) VIP and IP Jun 26, 2020 Reserved IP addresses for Cloud Services & Virtual

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Your Service Bus namespace accepts connections from any IP address. This default setting is equivalent to a rule that accepts the IP address range. Select the Selected networks option at the top of the page. In the Firewall section, follow these steps:

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